General Information

General Information

Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) believes in the endless potential benefits that creating and sustaining a regulated Ghanaian real estate market will bring to the industry.  As such, its objective is to pursue a real estate certification program for real estate agents.

Whether you are new to the industry, thinking of a career change or have many years of experience and want to keep up to date, then we have something to suit you. We are committed to helping raise standards in the industry.

Broker in Charge Courses

Real Estate Agent Courses

Real Estate Professional Courses

New Facilitator Courses

Basic Requirements

  • In order to renew your certification, you must complete the continuing education (CE) course during each July 1st to August 31st period.
  • For brokers WHO ARE designated as broker-in-charge, must complete the Broker-in-Charge CE courses.
  • A person who is issued a broker certification (either by examination or reinstatement) does NOT have to take continuing education courses during the certification period in which the certification is issued.

Active Status vs. Inactive Status

  • In addition to any certification requirements, in order to perform any brokerage service for others for a fee (including referrals for which you are compensated), your certification must be on active status, which means you must obtain all required continued education each certification period.
  • If you renew your certification without satisfying the continuing education requirement, your certification will automatically be placed on inactive status until you satisfy the CE requirement for certification activation.


Courses Must Be Taken by August 31st

Continuing education must be completed each annual certification period between July 1 and August 31st.