Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) main focus is to protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions. We aim to ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate brokers. GAR’s core responsibility would include effectively administering, monitoring and improving the quality of the certification examination program, continuing education program, and the post-certification program.

Through GAR’s intensive training both individuals and broker offices would benefit from performance-based results, business growth and sustainability. GAR would also embark on assisting broker offices in assessing and solving real estate challenges. GAR’ training policies would extend to the planning and implementation of real estate solutions to address business objectives related to their customer needs and overall experience.

  • GAR members are licensed professionals who specialize in searching, negotiating and purchasing property on behalf of buyers.
  • GAR’s key roles include providing help and guidance for buyer’s agents while actively campaigning to make the property market more user-friendly for the buying public.
  • As a respected industry body, GAR gives agents the credibility of being part of a professional body and the opportunity to promote qualifications through its membership.
  • As a leading player in the property industry, GAR offers significant benefits to both buyer’s agents and consumers.
  • By choosing a GAR member, consumers can be confident they are dealing with an experienced and professional buyer’s agent.
  • GAR maintains a good relationship with other associations and organizations in the real estate industry to represent the interests of our members.



To be the pioneer real estate association in Ghana



  • To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions
  • To ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate professionals
  • To act in accordance with governmental entities and other recognized affiliations
  • Effectively administer, monitor and improve the quality of the certification examination program, CE program, post-certification program.


Calvin Kwadwo Bediako President

Calvin started the Canal Group; which has since grown into subsidiaries that operate in; High End Real Estate (Canal Realty), Development & Construction (Canal Property Consult).

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Christian Kpakpo Abbosey Public Relations Officer

Christian is currently the Managing Director for CBC Properties which specializes in, planning, marketing both developed and undeveloped land for commercial, residential use as well as sales and letting of properties.

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Hanna Atiase Director of Education & Training

She is founder/CEO of E. Wells Realty & Consultancy ( E. Wells ) E. Wells is a marketing and consultancy firm committed to serving the diaspora and individuals seeking real estate investments in Ghana.

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By becoming a member you are helping us promote better standards in the industry.

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