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By joining Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers, you gain the credibility of being part of a respected association along with a whole host of other benefits that include legal advice. We believe real estate agents should be licensed to practice, both to protect the consumer and to encourage and maintain the highest standards within the property sector. By becoming a member you are helping us promote better standards in the industry.


Additional Membership Information

  • The principals of a real estate firm must first join the association before any non-principal can join. Principals are defined as sole proprietors; partners in a partnership; corporate officers or majority shareholders of a corporation.
  • Once the principal(s) decide to join the association, then all agents, brokers, and appraisers that are licensed or affiliated with him or her have the option of also joining as members of the association.
  • If any principal who otherwise qualifies for membership decides not to join the association, then none of the individuals affiliated with the firm can be members of the association.

New members are required to take a real estate course as part of the application process. Upon completion of the course, applicants will file an application fee with the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers. Once the Association determines eligibility, it will issue the applicant a membership number. This membership number will accompany the applicant on all site-related listings. Certified applicants will then join the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers. The cost of the process includes fees for a training course, manual, digital subscription, examination, and certification application.

Active certified agents will be required to supplement their practical abilities with continuing education courses that highlight the periodic review of existing laws and rules. Through this documented process of providing the best education, products, and services, Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) is sure to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards in Ghana’s real estate industry. Consequently, clients will greatly benefit from being able to search for and work hand in hand with qualified and trusted agents, and brokers acknowledged by GAR.

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​To be the pioneer real estate association in Ghana


  • To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions
  • To ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate professionals
  • To act in accordance with governmental entities and other recognized affiliations
  • Effectively administer, monitor and improve the quality of the certification examination program, CE program, post certification program.