Course List

The key elements of the program are to effectively administer, monitor, and improve the quality of the certification examination program, the continuing education program, and the post certification program. As part of the Real Estate Certification process, applicants will complete the required real estate courses. The course content will be broad and comprehensive, and include the following subject matters:

  • MLS Training
  • Basic Real Estate Concepts Property
  • Ownership and Interests Property
  • Taxation and Assessment
  • Transfer of Title to Real Property Land Use Controls
  • Environmental Issues in Real Estate
  • Brokerage Relationships: Laws and Practice
  • Agency Contracts (Sales) and Related Practices
  • Basic Contract Law
  • Sales Contracts and Related Procedures
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Closing a Sales Transaction
  • Real Property Valuation
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Property Management
  • Taxation of Home Ownership/Sale
  • Basic House Construction
  • Basic Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Association Rules/Code of Ethics
  • Agent Safety
  • Real Estate Mathematics
  • Final Examination


‚ÄčTo be the pioneer real estate association in Ghana


  • To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions
  • To ensure that certified personnel are competent and morally fit to act as real estate professionals
  • To act in accordance with governmental entities and other recognized affiliations
  • Effectively administer, monitor and improve the quality of the certification examination program, CE program, post certification program.